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Online sterilization system: Because the tubal net of central pipeline system is longer, nod water consumption disequilibrium with water, be solved so through carrying a method circularly. Be in store the effect that water system all gives water place to use ultraviolet ray, ozone or 2 oxidation chloric law to achieve security personnel sterilization.
Carry reach circulatory system: Sun of suddenly of appearance of word Cui take along sth to sb stops the material such as Qi 騊 PR, PE can.
Tubal net cleans a system: Because carry,reach circulatory system giant and complex, every half an year needs sterilization to be cleaned, carry in the design when reaching circulatory system, should section setting sterilization cleans an interface.
The system controls in the center of: General all of water system of central conduit straight water all uses automation government, make make system of water system, sterilization of online security personnel, carry reach circulatory system to be in optimal job status, and monitoring the moving condition of each system.
All of water system of central conduit straight water needs fixed number of persons to decide hillock management, preserve consecutive administrative record. Generally speaking, interconnected system of straight water water system is huge and central conduit is complex, one-time investment is large and moving cost is high, good to already was being built restaurant or medium or small for restaurant wasteful, those who be like management is bad to the loss outweights the gain instead.
Terminal distributes minute of qualitative water supply: Be in namely need is immediate drinkable or beforehand the some dot of filter undertakes to water deepness is handled, use method exceeding filter or exceed filter to impose standard of activated carbon adsorption, it is motivation with the pressure of tap water, provide the small opening of class of rice of tube wall accept through film, the pesticide of the ferruginous, bacterium in purify water, virus, minim, organic pollution, heavy metal, and in can retaining water beneficial mineral; Terminal pledges water supply uses billabong type design namely minute minutes, when use catharsis uses water, rush to hold back the impurity within velar canal instantly, put an end to the opportunity that filter core pollutes 2 times; The water that purifies through deepness passes straight water faucet of the standard to output, achieve the goal of minute of qualitative water supply thereby.
Installation of every minutes of minute qualitative water supply has two kinds: 1. Faucet puts straight drink of the standard to go up in mesa, press international convention, water quality processor hides fall at mesa; 2. In boiled water implement or before ice machine enters the mouth, install directly. Do not destroy former decoration, the system moves incompetent source to use up, extremelying He Shuiyuan is wasteful, be the same as valence with tap water, working life is long, one-time investment is small, safeguard convenient, stability assures wholesome standard; Apply to fountainhead hardness to be less than the area under 450mg/L.
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