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National tourism bureau the specification that about hotel star class criterion
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1. New standard and the main change that old standard compares
The assess of hotel star class that by the country tourism bureau organization carries out works only then at 80 time end. Tell simply, the action of level of hotel star grade basically is to be the restaurant of divisional and different class to be in what respect of project of Wu of kimono of equipment, establishment makes to differentiate, in the world this also is industry of a lot of hotel the current practice of the developed country.
Come ten years, grade level once had done hotel star twice to revise, be being revised this is the 3rd. The characteristic of new standard depends on from only then to eventually by place of a masterstroke perforative, highlighted pair of restaurant management to specialization namely horizontal requirement, specific the comfortable sex of the integral sex that says to stress atmosphere of the normative sex that emphasized restaurant administration, hotel namely and restaurant product, this is the soul of new standard.

2. The hair of industry of our country hotel develops form
Come ten years, the policy of reforming and opening of profit from party, fall in the guiding of astral grade level, prosperity of industry of our country hotel develops, the standard is orderly, become stage by stage conform with international most one of industries with suitable free, positive result of it may be said is grand. End to go annual bottom, the amount of restaurant of countrywide star class has been close to 10 thousand, although get the severe impact of SARS, the income of entire industry still grows somewhat than 2002, achieved many yuan of 920 RMB that achieves a record.
Chinese hotel industry used time of more than 20 years to walk along western country to need the way that just takes a few years, this spans the miracle that type development can regard world restaurant phylogeny as completely to go up and be record in annals. In this one process, the job of assess of hotel star class that national tourism bureau carries out produced main effect. Can tell, the promotion of level of hotel star grade, travel to China not only hotel industry, and rose to be driven goodly to the standardization job of countrywide all trades and professions with demonstrative action, nowadays, "Astral class " what had made quality and class in whole society is indicative.

3. The carries out development of pair of industry of our country hotel influence of new standard
Through development of more than 20 years, hotel industry need comes through the standard normative content had produced bigger change, accordingly, standard oneself needs as much with when all is entered.
Showing industry of level China hotel to contain the question of catholicity is: Have everything that one expects to find of establishment, project, some class are not low also, but the reason that makes the same score a respect as a result of management water however, fine installation did not change the hotel that has become finally to serve a product. Some of consumer ever evaluated a few restaurant is " hardware is very hard, software is very soft " , although read this kind of statement from professional point of view not certain very accurate, but the main problem that also gives Chinese hotel industry to show level place to be badly in need of solving from report of a respect.
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