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Po lake soft-shelled turtle tastes qualitative beautiful
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Soft-shelled turtle weighs turtle or soft-shelled turtle again, it is reptile of a kind of oviparous amphibious, its head resembles chelonian, but back armour does not have the stripe like the tortoise, the brim shows side of soft shape skirt, color blackish green. Soft-shelled turtle often lives in the silt of benthic, happy event feed the puppy such as fish, shrimp, bits of melon skin fruit, green grass and cereal also devour. The Jiang He of Jiangxi each district is laky in the track that has soft-shelled turtle. It is with the Po Yang Hu of lake of countrywide the biggest fresh water among them most, character also optimal. 10 years ago, reservoir of mountain of big auspicious of Nanchang environs area is built had base of artificial and progenitive soft-shelled turtle, number of existing soft-shelled turtle already evened more 10 thousand, became an aquaculture that has an outlook quite.
Soft-shelled turtle nutrition is rich, contain albumen of glue of protein, adipose, calcic, iron, animal, horn to reach a variety of vitamins, it is the tonic of rare. Soft-shelled turtle still can be used as medicine, its back carapace has method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to fill in relief, medicinal powder the effect of knot smooth liver, but cure cough, night sweat, kidney the disease such as deficient, amenorrhoea, soft-shelled turtle bravery can treat hypertension; Egg can be treated long pour out is long dysentery; Blood can treat children infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites to accumulate, folk still is circulating soft-shelled turtle can of cure cancer say.
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